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When Rex Zillerman's prized gumball collection is snatched by devious aliens, he puts on his powerful dinosaur costume (used for the past two Halloweens and counting) to become the universally feared and respected superhero Rexzilla! Rexzilla is 50% boy, 50% dinosaur, and 100% AWESOME. (That’s 200%, which is way more than most people.)

Run, jump, and breathe fire through over 50 mind-bending, high-jumping, alien-squishing levels as you help Rexzilla reclaim his precious gumballs and restore peace to the cosmos!

Originally released in 2013, Rexzilla has been painstakingly reworked in 2018 to provide a greater overall experience.

Rex Zillerman

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  • 50+ levels of high-jumping, fire-breathing, alien-squishing goodness across 5 different worlds.
  • 5 different boss battles.
  • Completely original pixelly 2D graphics for your nostalgic side.
  • An original soundtrack by Dallinsaurus.
  • 12 in-game challenge awards to unlock with your amazing skills.
  • 2 different endings to discover.
  • English and Japanese text options for your bilingual needs.
  • Keyboard and gamepad support with customisable controls.

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❝Very pristine and retro-feeling ... with an above average level of challenge and an above average level of charm.❞

Jay Is Games


JordanUnderneath (YouTube)

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Developed over a six-month period from October 2012 to March 2013, Rexzilla was Orz Laboratory's first completed game. Though the full development log has been archived out of sight, you can relive part of the breathtaking(?) journey of Rexzilla's development via the IndieDB devlog.

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Are you dinawesome enough to save the galaxy? Test yourself (and your computer) first with the NEW 2018 Rexzilla demo! Download it now! Do it!

Save data from the demo can be imported into the full game! Check the text document included in the download package for instructions, or email info@orzlaboratory.com for support.

Download Demo


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Purchase Rexzilla DRM-free for Windows via the itch.io widget below.

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Genre:Jumpathon Collect-em-up Retro Platformer
Release Date:3 March 2013 (original release), 15 September 2018 (1.3 overhaul)
OS:Windows XP or later
CPU:Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo or better recommended)
RAM:512 MB (2 GB or more recommended)
HDD:At least 200 MB free
Other:Video card resolution of 1024x768 or more
Direct X 9.0c or later
Design / Development / Graphics:Brandon Low
Rexzilla box art

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