Rexzilla Demo




Get the free Rexzilla demo! Click the download button at the bottom of this page, and then choose to save the file to download.

The demo contains 7 levels (one of which is a boss battle) directly from the full game (though in a random sample kind of order).

To install the demo, simply unzip the downloaded archive file into your desired folder location (for example ‘C:\My Documents\Rexzilla Demo’) and launch ‘Rexzilla Demo.exe.’ (Note that both the demo and full versions are for Windows XP/Vista/7 only.)

To uninstall, simply delete the folder containing the game. It does not install files in any other location.

The full game features:

  • 50+ levels of high-jumping, fire-breathing, alien-squishing goodness across 5 different worlds.
  • 5 different boss battles.
  • Completely original pixelly 2D graphics for your nostalgic side.
  • An original soundtrack by Dallinsaurus (Bandcamp page forthcoming).
  • 12 in-game challenge awards to unlock with your amazing skills.
  • 2 different endings to discover.
  • English and Japanese text options for your bilingual needs.
  • Keyboard and gamepad support with customisable controls.

 If you enjoyed the demo, please consider buying the full game.

Thanks for playing! :)

NOTE: If your download is slow, you can grab the demo from Rexzilla’s IndieDB Page.